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3 Best Indoor Activities For Dogs

Do you own a dog? If so, then you might enjoy reading this guide on the best indoor activities you can do for your canine companion. These can be fun to do whether it’s a rainy day or if you and your dog feel like staying in.

These activities are guaranteed to be fun, exciting, and create lifelong memories with your dog. Plus, this is perfect for allowing them to live a very active lifestyle. These activities are also perfect for senior dogs as well.

After all is said and done, maybe you and your dog can nap it off using one of your favorite Woof Love Custom Pet Blankets. They are blankets will have your dogs face right on them, which is the perfect gift for the both of you.

Now, let’s check out the list of the best indoor activities for dogs:

1. Training for tricks

The old tried and true ways of teaching your dog tricks is one of the oldest pastimes between humans and dogs. You can teach them to shake, spin, play dead, and everything in between. If they listen to your commands, be sure to reward them with a treat or two.

Sure, teaching them tricks might not be that easy. But with plenty of practice and encouragement, they’ll pull it off with ease in no time. Then they’ll end up showing off to your friends, family, and even other dogs they encounter.

2. Tug Of War

Got an extra sock? What about a thick piece of rope? Anything that is slightly long and durable might be perfect for a game of tug of war with your dog. It’s actually really fun and your dog might just get into it a lot.

It’s better to do this in a wide open space in your home like the middle of your living room. However, we highly suggest that you do this where there are no easy to break or dangerous objects are in the way.  This will also get you to teach your dog a new command, which is “release”!

3. Hide and seek treats

This is a really fun game for your dog. The object of the game is to hide the treats strategically throughout your home. After you’ve placed them in places that are easy to reach, you can get them to track them all down.

When setting them up, make sure your dog is out of the way. Temporarily put them in a separate room while you are hiding the treats. Then let them loose and watch them in action.

They may track them down much quicker than you think.

Final Thoughts

Your dog might be the best playmate you have had in your entire life. And he or she might appreciate one of the three tricks listed above (and some of the others not mentioned on this list). It’s never been more fun and exciting to play with your dog whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

The important thing to know is that as long as you two are playing it safe and enjoying yourselves, it can become a routine thing between you two.