Symptoms similar to Down syndrome in Pugs

There is no confirmed claim on Down syndrome in dogs, especially Pugs, while a study on the issue is still limited. Till now, no evidence of canine Down syndrome has been found, and no dog with Down syndrome has ever been recognized.

Down syndrome is characterized by intellectual impairment and distinctive facial characteristics. A Down syndrome Pug suffers from a profound impact of this rare health condition. For animals with Down’s syndrome, particularly in babies, Down syndrome is by far the most well-known source of abnormalities and mental impairment.

Do Pugs suffer from Down syndrome?

No! The Down syndrome in Pugs or any other dog breed has not been studied yet, and there can be mainly three reasons for this:

  1. Dogs are not affected by this disease at all.
  2. Dogs with certain chromosomal anomalies are more likely to succumb to an early death.
  3. Dogs with Down syndrome cannot be identified since genetic testing hasn’t been done yet.

A kind of Down syndrome in Pugs:

Now, we are pretty much clear that Pugs are not prone to Down syndrome. But several characteristics of pugs resemble those of Down syndrome. They indeed have a flat face, but it’s a hallmark of all brachycephalic dogs, and you have to know that they were bred intentionally to appear like it. Among the diseases similar to Down syndrome in Pugs, congenital hypothyroidism is one of the most striking examples. A low or missing thyroid hormone level at birth or early in life causes congenital hypothyroidism.

Symptoms similar to Down syndrome in Pugs:

This condition in Pugs promotes various kinds of poor health conditions. If your dog exhibits any of the symptoms, then you must take him to the vet for a checkup and test, following which he will inform you of your Pug’s medical condition:

  • Cataract or poor eyesight
  • Poor hearing ability
  • Abnormal facial features
  • Deformed organs and limbs
  • Thyroid issues
  • Weak bladder
  • Slow physical and intellectual growth
  • Blood discharge
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • High body temperature
  • Skin diseases

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Considering Pugs as house dogs

Pugs are just like their name, “a lot in a little”!

Still, people ask a question frequently, “Are Pugs good house dogs“?

According to Pug owners, their breed makes the perfect home dog. The bright, sparkling eyes, furrowed brows, and massive heads of Pug dogs may display human-like expressions such as curiosity, surprise, happiness, and pleasure that can eventually flat their owners. Pugs are so adaptive, and they can adjust anywhere with anyone, either with children or elderly people, as a single pet or as part of a pack, in a city or a country. They are the most gentle and passive of all breeds, especially when they are pups. They should be handled with care and supervised while they are being abused.

What makes Pugs a perfect house dog?

  • The average life of a healthy Pug is around 12 years, but proper care and a balanced diet help them live beyond their average age.
  • Pugs thrive on human affection. Despite their fondness for cuddling and stroking, they might become jealous or upset if their affections are diverted to someone else instead of them. They are cheerful, super active, and alert, making the Pug a fun-loving and energetic pet.
  • Pugs can’t bite effectively due to the curvature of their mouth. They’re generally harmless and tolerant with children and like playing games.
  • Among all dog breeds, Pugs are among the most docile and kind. There is no history of nipping or biting, and they are very protective of their family and house.


Pugs are fantastic house dogs, and you’ll be best friends for life with a pug once you have one. They enjoy getting a belly massage or a head scratch, giving a kiss, or cuddling with their owner. The best thing about Pugs is that they’ll look at you as if you’re the most wonderful person in the world. Their affection for you will last forever if you show them the respect they deserve. To know more about Pugs visit