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A Concise Guide to Forming a Strong Bond with Your Cat

If you are somewhat of a self-described cat lover and have selflessly rescued or adopted one or more cats from your local cat shelter, or else bought a cat from a reputable and responsibly sourced cat breeder, then this article is for you.

Continue reading to discover a concise guide to forming a strong bond with your cat.

Treats, Treats, & More Treats

Kittens, young cats, and older all adore edible treats and so, as with any animal, one of the most effective ways to gain your cat’s trust and pique their curiosity is with some tasty treats to hand.

The best way to ascertain which types of tastes and smells most excite and entice an individual cat is to try out different types of foods until you find one they love. Treats can be used to encourage a cat to play with you and to sit on your lap and are also an effective training tool.

Always Do What Is Best for Them

Upon the first read, this next point seems somewhat obvious, but it is often found to be the case even in the most loving and dedicated cat owners that they accidentally put their own needs ahead of their cats.

For example, if you were to ask your cat whether or not they wanted to sit in a small, enclosed carrier for half an hour and travel to the vet, they would say no. Annual vaccinations and check-ups with an esteemed and established surgery, such as vet katy tx, however, are essential for a healthy cat.

Train Your Cat for Simple Tricks

Some people wrongly assume that animals do not enjoy training and that it makes them feel as if they are being told what to do. However, the opposite is true.

No matter the age of your cat, or whether you have had your cat as a kitten or have commendably rescued your cat from an animal shelter as an adult, your cat can be trained to quickly recognize their name, respond to movement using a clicker device, and even sit, lie down, and circle.

Engage in Focused Play

Obviously, as a cat lover and owner, you will enjoy spending time with your cat, whether that be observing them jump around on their cat bed, using the furniture as a scratching post, or generally entertaining you as you watch.

Focused play, however, is when you deliberately interact in a taught pattern with one or more of your cat’s toys and encourage them to interact with you and the toy on a sharing, 50/50 basis.

For most cats, the best toy to play with together is a wand toy, which is basically a long stick with a small stuffed mouse or other smaller animal attached to the end. The reason why most cats enjoy playing with wand toys is that chasing and jumping on the animal stimulates their predator instincts. It’s also long enough to help keep your hands away from accidental claws.

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