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When do cats start purring?

Kittens and big cats used to do purring in certain conditions. Purring can be seen either for any need or in a relaxed state. When do cats start purring? This is a common query heard from people who bought kittens. Purring is generally made using the voice that comes from the space between larynx and diaphragm. Purring sound of cats and kittens varies according to the sound frequency via voice cords. The general range of cats purring frequency range between 50 Hz and 125 Hz. Cats may do purring in need of things like for their favorite food. Some cats may express their hunger in the mode of purring. It can be soft purring or hard purring as per the nature of cats.

Want of favorite foods can make the majority of cats do purring. Some cats like to do soft purring while they are in a relaxed state. For example, certain cats do purring while sleeping in low-intensity sunlight. Resting in the lap of owner is a common behavior of kittens and cats. Many of the cats used to do purring while lying down in the lap of their owner. Cats may also do purring while pampering their kittens. Purring can happen from both kittens and cats to show the bondage of relation. You can generally watch purring of cats while they are breastfeeding their own kittens. Some cats used to do purring while doing their own bath.

Cats generally pamper themselves during their leisure and happy time. Hence you can also watch some cats doing purring during their happy time. Some cats do purring when they are in a fearful stage. This condition occurs very rarely in kittens and cats. Apart from purring during feared conditions, many of the cats also do purring during ill state conditions. Fever due to viral infection is common in kittens during the rainy season.

Many of the cats, especially belonging to special breeds are found to be more prone to viral infections. This condition can make them do purring during the diseased state. Hence make sure that your pet cats are free from viral infections by providing checkups during the right time. Also, never hesitate to provide vaccinations for cats at the right time. This habit can promote their immune health and body weight in the required state. Cat behavior generally alters as per its mood level and health condition. This condition directly influences the purring condition of cats.

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