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How to keep your dog calm while you are grooming him?

Everyone wants to see their dogs super tidy and groomed, but the task is not easy because it calls for a lot of energy from the owners to groom the dog, give them a nice haircut, and trim their nails. It can result in injuries, frustrating experiences, and panicking. It is all-natural because the pets tend to freak out on the idea of grooming, and they can sense the freaking in the owner as well. Therefore, keeping your dog calm in the process of trimming is necessary and pretty challenging as well. If you are aware of a few simple tips and tricks to keep your dog calm while grooming him, the task would be pleasant for both you and the dog.

This is why we have gathered a list of tips that would help you calm down your dog while grooming. Remember, these tips are equally applicable for the professional groomers who get plenty of dogs as their clients, and the dogs are easily scared because of the tools and new people or salon.

  • Most of the time, the dogs are scared of the tools and other equipment in the surroundings. They naturally start to show and irresistible behavior. It is an excellent approach to make them feel comfortable with the tools and spread them out in front of them to get used to them. You can even stroke them with the tools or introduce them to the dog to make him feel comfortable.
  • Rewards and treats are outstanding if you want to keep your dog calm during the process of grooming. Keep some treats along to enjoy and encourage them and appreciate them while they sit still or let you groom them up. The more comfortable you will keep them, the better would they feel about the grooming.
  • Gaining the trust of the dog is also necessary. For example, if your dog has long hair and grooming is taking long, you should give the dog a break. It would be a treat for him, as well. Let him enjoy a break, so he knows he would have to get back to you until the job is done. This will not tire you out as well. And if the hair is too much or the knots are taking plenty of time, you can move the rest of the task to the next day because it will naturally freak out the dog.
  • If your dog is fond of some music or TV programs, you can play them as well so that he gets distracted and is least affected by the grooming. You, too, would enjoy the tiresome task in this manner. There are plenty of benefits of a stay at home dog grooming processes because it helps with the dog’s comfort, and you can give him a lot of his favorite toys, treats, and experiences when he is at home.

We hope you would find these tips helpful for your next Dog treats online session.

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